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Under Sink Water Filters

1. Domestic Chemical Removal Under Sink Water Filter System

A compact, single pod, chemical removal system which will reduce harmful organic chemicals aswell as taste, odour and chlorine. Using a carbon filter to absorb contaminants, this system will produce bottle fresh water at a fraction of the cost.

Filter life  –  6 months

Filter code  -  GAC

Domestic Chemical Removal Under Sink Water Filter System

2. Domestic Heavy Metal Removal Under Sink Water Filter System

This double pod system removes heavy metals as well as organic chemicals, taste, odour and chlorine. With ultra fine particle filtration (0.5 microns) and a chemical/heavy metal mixed media filter cartridge, the system is proven to be the best in its class.

Filter life - 6 months

Filter code - HM Set

Domestic Heavy Metal Removal Under Sink Water Filter System

3.Domestic Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Water Filter

A true water purifier that separates the impurities from the pure water. This state of the art process stores the pure water in a vessel and flushes the rest to waste. The RO is universally considered to be the most effective method of removing impurities (99.5%), including nitrates and sodium, with a similar performance on other contaminates as the HM system.

Filter life (depending on water hardness)

pre & post filters -   6 months

Membrane life - 12 – 36 months

Filter code  - RO Set

Membrane code - RO Membrane  

Other types of RO are available; please contact us for more details.

All the above systems include a stylish third tap; as standard this is chrome, but to co-ordinate with the modern day kitchen it is available in a range of colours and finishes.

Domestic Reverse Osmosis Under Sink Water Filter

Domestic and Industrial Replacement Water Filter Cartridges 

We have an extensive stock of replacement filter cartridges from all leading manufacturers and can supply all types and sizes of domestic and industrial filter cartridges. Please ask our friendly staff for assistance.                                

Industrial Water Filters Cartridge

  • Cartridge filter housings for flow rates up to 5 cubic metre per hour.
  • Replacement cartridge elements for up to 60 micron removal.
  • Replacement cartridge elements for removal of chlorine, taste & odour.
  • Mix bed colour change cartridge elements for de-ionised water

Bag Filtration – Low Cost for High Volume


  • Flow rates are achieved in a housing at a fraction of the size of a cartridge vessel, reducing capital expenditure
  • Consumables are of lower cost pro-rata to contaminant removed
  • Broad range of micron sizes 1 to 800 micron
  • Simple and quick change out, reducing operator expense

High viscosity filter bag housings are the simplest way to reduce particulates in high volume at high flow rates. The comparable cartridge filtration housings would require far greater capital and consumable expense.

Although cartridge filtration can give more accurate results, when bag filtration is correctly specified, superior, effective and economic performance will be achieved.

Water De-Mineralisation - Industrial

For the production of high purity water.

Domestic and Industrial Water Pressure Filters

Sand/Anthracite filters for removal of suspended solids.

Activated carbon filters for removal of chlorine, taste and odour.

Iron removal filters.

P.H. filters to neutralise acidity.  

Large Water Filter Vessels

Pressure vessels in composite, polyester and vinylester from 6” to 63” diameter, 4 litres to over 5 cubic metres internal volume. Distribution systems, adaptors, closures and in/out heads.

Water Filter Media

We can supply all types of filter media

Whatever the problem with your water supply We can solve it.

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