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I have drunk it for years and it hasn’t hurt me...

Some people are not affected as much as others. Studies show that children under 10 years old, whose homes have a private water supply, are nearly four times more likely to suffer from diarrhoea than other children.

I just heard that my water may have lead in it because I have lead pipes. I asked the doctor - she said that a small amount of lead from the pipe can get into the water and over time, this can affect the development of my baby’s brain.

Some types of water, particularly soft water (from either public or private water supplies) can dissolve lead from your household pipes. It’s important to minimise the exposure of babies and young children to lead and you should take action to avoid high levels of lead while you’re pregnant and before your child is 6 years old. A simple way to reduce the risk is the run off any water that has been standing in pipework for a long time, for example by running the tap before drawing water to drink.

What sorts of improvements might be needed?

Improvements might be required at the source itself, or to the pipes or fittings inside your home, for example;
Repairing the system to prevent dirty water, animals or their droppings entering the water e.g. by sealing the roof slabs on collection chambers, fencing around the source and digging a drainage ditch to stop surface water or water just below the surface entering the supply,
Installing an appropriate water treatment system to ensure satisfactory microbiological quality and where required, water filters (to remove iron, nitrates, manganese etc)

Where can I get help?

From your local authority and the following links to web sites and

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