Which Scenario Applies to You?

Do You Supply Water to Others?

You may supply water to other people as a shared supply, or in the course of a business, for example by renting out holiday accommodation or using water for food production. If this is the case, you have a duty of care towards these people for the safety of the water you supply. In these circumstances, you must also register your supply with the DWI under the private water supplies regulations. You can do this by contacting us and completing a registration form (http://www.ni-environment.gov.uk/pws_registration_form.pdf ). Your supply will be placed on a monitoring programme to check that it meets the water quality standards in the regulations and a risk assessment will also be carried out on your supply. We, at the DWI, work closely with the local councils in carrying out our responsibilities under the regulations.

Local councils have responsibility for the regulation of bottled water suppliers, although where a private supply is also used for drinking water or cleaning equipment in such businesses it should be registered with the DWI for these activities. The supply will then
be monitored under the private water supplies regulations.

Is Your Supply to a Single Private Dwelling?

If your private water supply is to a single private dwelling it is not required to be monitored by the DWI under the private water supplies regulations. You can contact the environmental health department of your local council if you wish to have your supply tested.
The DWI can offer advice to all private water supply owners and users, including supplies to single dwellings, on actions that can be taken to protect human health.

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