Private Water Supplies

New Private Water Supply Regulations
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Which Scenario Applies To You?
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Keeping Your Supply Safe
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Need help with your private water supply ???

Is your private waters supply safe and up to standard ???

Types of private water:
• Springs
• Boreholes
• Wells
• Streams
• Rivers
• Lakes

We can help you with:

• The potential issues of using private water
• How to assess and protect against these issues
• Upgrades of your system from start to finish

If you supply water to others it your duty of care to make sure the system is safe and up to standard
Please have a look at the relating to the private water Regulations

We can supply a water safety plan to suite any requirements from start to finish.

We have the facilities to create a supply from scratch or make any up grades/improvement needed.

Give us a call to arrange a site visit and we can go over the changes needed to bring your supply up to the standards necessary.

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