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Water Filters - Domestic • Industrial • Agricultural

If you want better tasting water or want to improve the quality of your water, whether it is mains or a private water supply, we can help you. We have many ways to improve the colour, taste and odour of tap water which will:

Reduce heavy metals, harmful chemicals and impurities
Remove the medicinal taste of chlorine.
Eliminate odour
Remove sediment and rust which discolours water


Your water will be:

•Sweeter Smelling
•Fresher Tasting
•Have a sparkling appearance
•Be cost effective – so much cheaper than bottled water

Whilst carbon block the latest development in manufacturing carbon cartridges, the use of coarse granular carbon should still be employed in numerous applications. With its open structure, flow restriction in certain formats are overcome, whilst particulate contamination is less of a concern.

Granular carbon is available in many grades, enabling special process design such as chloramine removal, electroplating and media combination, like the TS-GAC with 20% hexametaphosphate for scale inhibition.

Standard applications, although carbon is used for many bespoke purposes, are numerous and as the absorption capabilities and capacities are explored further, the employment of activated carbon is increased. The latest technology has led to carbon block cartridges using natural coconut shell, which is considered to be the best all-round performing filter.

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